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Reflecting and Meditating in a busy world.

  ** I do not receive any reward from the link on the book cover. I just enjoy directing people to purchase from independent bookstores.

As I started a new year, I decided to seek out a peaceful and reflective life outlook. This book called out to my soul when I put it into the circulation system at my public library. This is not your average quick read; unless you are just reading and not reflecting on what the author is saying. Parts of the book were more meaningful for me then the book as a who;e. Some of the meaningful themes were: Life Is Yous to Create...and to Re-Create; The Power of Women; The Power of Thank You; Why We Need Time to Think and Reflect; and Faith Keepers. The author suggests that we listen to the voice or soul inside us and do what it is directing. The book is going to be most useful for the middle age career woman to the retired person. At almost 50 years of age I did daily reflections on this book and my life. There are more themes for women, but men are not excluded. at least 2/5 of the book was geared towards all people. I suggest you seek out this book if you are in a "finding myself" time of life. 

Life with technology

 **I do not receive any reward from the link on the book cover. I just enjoy directing people to purchase from independent bookstores.

This book made me stop and think about some of my every day actions. In the last five years I have allowed the world to change my communication style with my co-workers, friends, and family. After reading this book I am more aware of how much time I actually spend with my smartphone. The author points out that if you are using your smartphone to do positive actions then it is okay to have one. If you cross the fine line into the negative side and you find yourself wasting time or mentally interacting in a negative manner, then it is time change the way you use technology. Technology is a tool, how we use it is still up to us. Will a machine rule your life or will you master the machine?

Life and Rainbows

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From the time this book first hit the shelves until yesterday when I finally finished reading it, this book has been on my mind at least once a week. The writing is easy to read. 10 days ago I finally took the time to sit down and really read it cover to cover. Before this time I read a chapter here and a few sentences there, the book was never given due time; I always seemed to interrupt it by reading something else and then not picking the book back up for a few weeks. This book in my opinion is worth the time to read cover to cover.

I learned that one of the handsome reporters for FOX, Anderson Cooper; can be really mixed-up emotionally inside. When he makes up his mind to really go after a story or goal, he works super hard to see the project to completion. He is more conservative than I originally thought, but this conservative attitude comes from a not completely stable childhood. I also learned that this reporter lost his brother to suicide.

The book made my opinion of Gloria Vanderbilt really swing to conservative. She explained why she did some of the abnormal things she did in her life. I really felt empathy towards this lady. I learned to dig and find out what the person was really like and not judge them by their “public” persona.

I read the written book and listened to the audio that Anderson and Gloria narrated. Both were interesting in their own ways. This book gives a little hope in the way that the title says; in nature rainbows come and go; so life also has the ups and downs. Life is never all good or all bad. If you are looking for a book that will open your eyes towards two “big” names here in America, pick up this book. I do not receive any compensation from the author, publisher, or anyone in the publishing world. I choose the book from the shelf at the bookstore and paid full price to read and review it.

Lens of Personality

  Before posting this review I read this book twice and listened to almost all the book once. This book has many chapters that take time to process if you truly want to understand yourself and the people around you. I found the time spent reading this book was well spent because I truly learned about my personality. I now have some insight into the people that make up my inner circle.

The understanding of people was not what first drew me to the book. What first made me purchase the book was Anne. She has an interesting blog and podcast. Anne is also the only "Big Time" blogger that agreed to allow me to link my humble blog to hers. Anne's kindness won over my heart and assisted in my decision to purchase her book.

For the people who really want to understand what the results of a "Myers-Briggs" test or "Strength Finder" test mean; Anne explains it well. She gives examples of ways different types of people can inner act and understand each other. The book offers insight into the world of groups. The book can not stand alone because Anne references the works of the pioneers in the science of personality. The book does offer a great way for a layperson to understand the science of personalities. I would suggest that if this field of science intrigues you; then pick up a copy of this book.

Happy understanding the people around you! 
I did not receive any money or product in exchange for this review. 

Always look up

 This book can be purchased at  I do not receive any profits from the sale of this book or from any websites. This review is totally my opinion.

Do you ever need a chance to just sit back and reflect on "life" and then giggle out loud? This is the mood I brought to listening to this book. This book at times looked at serious issues in our world thru rose tinted/comedian glasses. The author can be serious and caring when she is called to; but she can also never leave the reader feeling hopeless. The author tries to show the reader the rays of sunshine that break through the gloomy clouds of this world. I will admit this book has been sitting on my shelf for a few years. Because I was seeking a fresh view of the world I chose this book now. My opinion is the book is worth reading. In the heat of summer pick this book up for a refreshing outlook on life.

Outlook on life

This book found its way into my life when it was chosen by Overdrive to be a "Big Library Read." I did not get any money or anything else free by writing this review. 

The book made me think about how Americans like to go into debit and how easy it is to loose all your worldly possessions. I also paused and thought about if my family plays as big a part in my life as Jennifer's family played in her life. Honestly, I found myself a little neglectful so I am going to try and change. Family is important for a well rounded life.

The author thought animals showed the same emotions as humans. I took time to reflect on this. I am not sure if the animals have the same emotions or if humans project emotions on to the animals. Please share your thoughts on animal emotions below. I will admit that domestic and farm animals can fill an emotional void in human life.

The book had a good balance of happy and sad. I think the author did tell a true story. I did enjoy the time I spent with this book.

If you would like to order a copy of the book for yourself, feel free to follow the link by clicking on the picture. Again, I am not benefitting from this link.

What will become of Church?

My local pastor is very concerned about the future of the Methodist Church. Earthly happenings are tearing the church apart from the inside out. At this point in history, most established church fellowships are feeling the strain of how do we go about teaching our values and the Bible without offending our local membership? There is no easy answer to this question. We are humans, so we sin and fall short of the glory of God. Forgiving our fellow humans and not judging others comes only about through daily striving to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Hard work for Jesus is not what a majority of people want to do daily; this hard work does not feel "good" to them. This book calls christians to daily read and think about what is written in the Bible. The book also says people must daily communicate with God. The bottom line of this book was if we want to save established religions we must go back to the foundations and values the church was built on and do the values daily. Our reward is not to feel good about ourselves here on earth; but to do what God instructs us to do and realize after we leave this earthly life, God has promised his faithful servants eternal life with him in heaven.

I purchased this book so I could have the whole picture while taking part in the small group class at my local church. I gained only knowledge by reading this book. No one asked me to review or post about this book. I did purchased the book straight from the publisher : Seedbed Publishing 

Mid-life and Winter

Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife by Cheryl Richardson

 To purchase this book go here! 

I was feeling really unsettled when I started reading this book. The book steadied me a little. Before reading an ad for this book, I had never heard of this author. In this book Cheryl gives you a true glimpse into her life. A life that is not much different from yours or mine. Cheryl shares her discoveries on how she centered her life. Some of her ideas I might try to assist myself in finding center. The book was an everyday person telling her story in a very straight forward way. I took away this quote from the book: "I must tend to my inner life like I do my garden-with consistent attention and loving care. My inner life must now be granted equal weight with my outer life." Balance must be or wholeness will not happen.



LENT 2018

 For the last two hours I have had to explain "Lent" to many different people, I have also had to be a parent and tell my sons that I want them to be "God-fearing" guys, so they need to attend the Ash Wednesday service so that they don't disappoint God.  The God-fearing discussion stemmed from a BLUE NUN instagram I saw "God-fearing"  To try and assist me in drawing closer to God these next 40 days I am doing the above challenge. I invite you in joining me by posting on my "Library Mom on Books" facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram using the hash tag #2018Lent. May God walk with you on your life journey. 

Dot or Bullet Journal

Journal, the diary, a notebook; what you use to record what is going on in your life. For some of us our first "creative" writing back in grade school was keeping a record for a month of what was happening in our lives.  Fast forward a few years and now we have to keep track of bigger assignments and some of us still enjoy highlighting our life a little in what teachers referred to as our "student" planner or "assignment" notebook. Then in High School and/or College came the "exercise" tracker and the "feelings" journal; the "food" tracker and the "Brain" dump. All these can be summed up as creative voyages into our interior life.

Have you joined the "Bullet Journal" or "Dot Journal" movement that has been going strong for the last couple of years? Near the end of 2016 I started my first Bullet Journal and it really was a work in progress. I thought I had to have everything in this journal and discovered quickly that I do not excel at drawn art. I also did not have time to practice the art. In 2017 I joined a few Facebook Journaling groups and trimmed my personal journal to just reflect me (a lot less badly drawn borders and unreadable headers.) One day while hanging out on Facebook an advertisement for Rachel Wilkerson Miller's work popped up and I clicked on it. "Dot Journaling a Practical Guide" is the book I discovered. This book is full of ideas that assisted me in keeping better track of my life.  The book was paired with a cool blank dot journal, so I had to order it right away.  I did start using the dot journal, but went back to a lined journal because at this time in my life, straight, solid lines ended up being neater and easier. I do plan to go back and try the dot journal again.

The book is a treasure trove of practical ideas. Ms. Wilkerson Miller presents many different pages or spreads for each idea, but reminds the reader that journals should reflect the person using it and that no two dot journals will ever be the same. Each section or idea has at least three different ways to include the information into your journal. I like the "Meal Plan" idea but I am still thinking how to make it a part of my family life. 

In 2018 I have combined my "book Review" journal into my "Daily Life" journal. I use a colored pen that compliments my everyday ink color to write the reviews on the next available page of my "Daily Life" journal. Of course I note the page numbers of these reviews in the index of my journal. Some of the other ideas that I gleaned from this book were: packing lists, travel journal prompts, listing gratitude daily, chore schedules, and new words to learn. This book has something for all levels of journaler to learn or review. Ms. Wilkerson Miller put together a well organized book that I look forward sharing with many people in my life. If you are seeking inspiration to take your journal to the next level, please find a copy of the book and read it.

DOT JOURNALING A PRACTICAL GUIDE by Rachel Wilkerson Miller   

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