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Life with technology

 **I do not receive any reward from the link on the book cover. I just enjoy directing people to purchase from independent bookstores.

This book made me stop and think about some of my every day actions. In the last five years I have allowed the world to change my communication style with my co-wo…

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Life and Rainbows

You may purchase a copy of this book at:


From the time this book first hit the shelves until yesterday when I finally finished reading it, this book has been on my mind at least once a week. The writing is easy to read. 10 days ago I finally took…

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Always look up

 This book can be purchased at  I do not receive any profits from the sale of this book or from any websites. This review is totally my opinion.

Do you ever need a chance to just sit back and reflect on "life" and then giggle out loud? This is the mood I brought to listening to t…

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Outlook on life

This book found its way into my life when it was chosen by Overdrive to be a "Big Library Read." I did not get any money or anything else free by writing this review. 

The book made me think about how Americans like to go into debit and how easy it is to loose all your worldly possessions. I als…

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What will become of Church?

My local pastor is very concerned about the future of the Methodist Church. Earthly happenings are tearing the church apart from the inside out. At this point in history, most established church fellowships are feeling the strain of how do we go about teaching our values and the Bible without offend…

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Mid-life and Winter

Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife by Cheryl Richardson

 To purchase this book go here! 

I was feeling really unsettled when I started reading this book. The book steadied me a little. Before reading an ad for this book, I had never heard of this author. In this…

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LENT 2018

 For the last two hours I have had to explain "Lent" to many different people, I have also had to be a parent and tell my sons that I want them to be "God-fearing" guys, so they need to attend the Ash Wednesday service so that they don't disappoint God.  The God-fearing discussion stemmed from a BLU…

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Dot or Bullet Journal

Journal, the diary, a notebook; what you use to record what is going on in your life. For some of us our first "creative" writing back in grade school was keeping a record for a month of what was happening in our lives.  Fast forward a few years and now we have to keep track of bigger assignments an…

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What is our HOPE?

This was not an easy book for me to read. All the letters in this book made me stop and think, so sometimes I had to ponder for a day or two. I was raised to not make a lot of waves against people in higher power then myself.  This book allowed me to think about the side of the wavemakers and found …

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Fall call

It is September and everyone is expanding their education. You all feel the want to learn something new or explore a different "life" direction when Fall rolls around. In church we are encouraged to find a way to study the Bible or do the work of the Lord more. My question for you is: "how are you g…

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