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Dot or Bullet Journal

Journal, the diary, a notebook; what you use to record what is going on in your life. For some of us our first "creative" writing back in grade school was keeping a record for a month of what was happening in our lives.  Fast forward a few years and now we have to keep track of bigger assignments and some of us still enjoy highlighting our life a little in what teachers referred to as our "student" planner or "assignment" notebook. Then in High School and/or College came the "exercise" tracker and the "feelings" journal; the "food" tracker and the "Brain" dump. All these can be summed up as creative voyages into our interior life.

Have you joined the "Bullet Journal" or "Dot Journal" movement that has been going strong for the last couple of years? Near the end of 2016 I started my first Bullet Journal and it really was a work in progress. I thought I had to have everything in this journal and discovered quickly that I do not excel at drawn art. I also did not have time to practice the art. In 2017 I joined a few Facebook Journaling groups and trimmed my personal journal to just reflect me (a lot less badly drawn borders and unreadable headers.) One day while hanging out on Facebook an advertisement for Rachel Wilkerson Miller's work popped up and I clicked on it. "Dot Journaling a Practical Guide" is the book I discovered. This book is full of ideas that assisted me in keeping better track of my life.  The book was paired with a cool blank dot journal, so I had to order it right away.  I did start using the dot journal, but went back to a lined journal because at this time in my life, straight, solid lines ended up being neater and easier. I do plan to go back and try the dot journal again.

The book is a treasure trove of practical ideas. Ms. Wilkerson Miller presents many different pages or spreads for each idea, but reminds the reader that journals should reflect the person using it and that no two dot journals will ever be the same. Each section or idea has at least three different ways to include the information into your journal. I like the "Meal Plan" idea but I am still thinking how to make it a part of my family life. 

In 2018 I have combined my "book Review" journal into my "Daily Life" journal. I use a colored pen that compliments my everyday ink color to write the reviews on the next available page of my "Daily Life" journal. Of course I note the page numbers of these reviews in the index of my journal. Some of the other ideas that I gleaned from this book were: packing lists, travel journal prompts, listing gratitude daily, chore schedules, and new words to learn. This book has something for all levels of journaler to learn or review. Ms. Wilkerson Miller put together a well organized book that I look forward sharing with many people in my life. If you are seeking inspiration to take your journal to the next level, please find a copy of the book and read it.

DOT JOURNALING A PRACTICAL GUIDE by Rachel Wilkerson Miller   

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