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Life and Rainbows

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From the time this book first hit the shelves until yesterday when I finally finished reading it, this book has been on my mind at least once a week. The writing is easy to read. 10 days ago I finally took the time to sit down and really read it cover to cover. Before this time I read a chapter here and a few sentences there, the book was never given due time; I always seemed to interrupt it by reading something else and then not picking the book back up for a few weeks. This book in my opinion is worth the time to read cover to cover.

I learned that one of the handsome reporters for FOX, Anderson Cooper; can be really mixed-up emotionally inside. When he makes up his mind to really go after a story or goal, he works super hard to see the project to completion. He is more conservative than I originally thought, but this conservative attitude comes from a not completely stable childhood. I also learned that this reporter lost his brother to suicide.

The book made my opinion of Gloria Vanderbilt really swing to conservative. She explained why she did some of the abnormal things she did in her life. I really felt empathy towards this lady. I learned to dig and find out what the person was really like and not judge them by their “public” persona.

I read the written book and listened to the audio that Anderson and Gloria narrated. Both were interesting in their own ways. This book gives a little hope in the way that the title says; in nature rainbows come and go; so life also has the ups and downs. Life is never all good or all bad. If you are looking for a book that will open your eyes towards two “big” names here in America, pick up this book. I do not receive any compensation from the author, publisher, or anyone in the publishing world. I choose the book from the shelf at the bookstore and paid full price to read and review it.

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